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electronically controlled high quality DC motor
33.33 and 45.00 RPM with fine speed adjustment feature
inverted solid brass/stainless steel; Derlin thrust plate
40mm thick 3.2kg weighing, machined from laminated Acrylic
main plinth and 3-point de-coupled sub-plinth made of three 19mm thick MDF layers bonded together
black or white satin color
can be specified with different arm-boards for 9" SME or Jelco or Rega/Origin Live/Audio Note tone-arms
AC 230V/50Hz; DC input 12V/300mA
495x355x165mm (WxDxH) overall; 450x330mm (WxD) footprint
Net weight:
530x400x260mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight:

Like Hermes, the great messenger of the gods and a guide to the Underworld, Hermes DCX will resolve the finest details of the recording and guide the music  lover  through  an  exceptional  musical  experience.
Defined by smooth curved lines and minimalist design, and employing the finest engineering and craftsmanship the Hermes DCX combines form and function in an exceptional record player, which is easy to set-up and use.
Drive mechanism utilizes high quality DC motor optimized for turntable use. Along with an easy operation and fine speed adjustment feature, an electronically controlled power supply provides stable current for smooth motor rotation.
The platter, 40mm thick and weighing 3.2kg is machined from laminated Acrylic to very high accuracy  and ensures excellent speed stability. Acrylic was chosen for its superior sound quality and vibration-damping properties. High-performance rubber-cork mat is supplied as a standard.
The inverted main bearing employs Derlin thrust plate. Bearing housing and spindle have been designed and machined from solid brass and stainless steel to extremely high precision to ensure smooth running and low noise.
Main plinth and sub-plinth are conceived as three 19mm thick MDF layers bonded together. Main bearing and Acrylic made arm-board are mounted on the sub-plinth, which is in turn 3-point decoupled from the main plinth in order to maximize performance and minimize acoustic break through.
The motor assembly is mounted on the main plinth.
The turntable is supported by three adjustable cones (utilizing ball spikes) machined from the soft aluminum alloy, to optimize vibration transfer, allowing fine leveling and providing optimum coupling to the surface that turntable sits on.

Three different Acrylic made arm-boards for 9" tone-arms are available:
- SME arm-board - tone-arm pivot to spindle distance from 204-239mm
- Rega/Origin Live arm-board - tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 222mm
- Jelco arm-board - tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 214mm
Please specify the required arm-board with order

The high-performance rubber-cork mat and the Protractor LP - a cartridge alignment tool are supplied as standard.

Available in black or white satin color.