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The SX2LP set contain high performance rubber-cork mat and the Protractor LP, which are supplied with all of our turntables as a standard.
Mat and protractor are packed same way as our turntable user manuals, in a LP carton cover with some hints and tips printed on the back, and it is intended to be stored within your record collection, thus always having it closely for upgrade/set-up/adjustment reference.
The rubber-cork mat is made from crushed rubber and cork mixed together in a ratio of 50-50. It is 2mm thick, 292mm in diameter, and contain precisely punched center hole of 7mm diameter, fitting almost any turntable platter and spindle.
Like any other turntable upgrade, the rubber-cork mat is a matter of trial/taste.
We like what it "does" to the turntable sound! Maybe you will like it too!
The protractor LP is an essential tool for every vinyl lover. It is a CAD designed tool to help for proper/fine cartridge adjustment in the head shell, including Baerwald, Loefgren and Stevenson protractors. You just have to chose one, or try to make an approximation between three. Detailed user manual is printed next to the protractors for easy set-up.
With precisely punched center hole and accurately printed on heavy paper, laminated on both sides, it should provide an excellent tool to any discerning turntable user.