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Our turntables have been reviewed by
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited BT hifi vertrieb room where our turntables were exhibited along with the Heed, Talk Electronics, Van Den Hul, Spendor and other fine audio equipment distributed by the BT hifi team.
We hope you enjoyed!
We would like to proudly announce that our flag-ship model Kubrick DCX turntable is included into the Stereophile magazine 2018 recommended components list

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Another highly inspired review by Lajos of the audio blog. This time it was our Dostoyevsky DCX turntable in combination with Isokinetik moded Jelco 750D tone-arm.

Hungarian speaking readers will find the review here

Non-Hungarian speaking readers, please be patient we will publish the translation of review as soon as possible.
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Romania, the fine HiFi Audio company

Please visit their web-page
Our flagship model Kubrick DCX was reviewed by Mr. Adam Smith of HiFi News and received the highest remarks.

The review was conducted in the combination with the fine Timestep T-609 tone-arm, produced by our UK distributor Timestep Distribution

"Not only are the Soulines Kubrick DCX and Timestep T-609 compelling products in their own right but, fortuitously, they also work very well in combination. The turntable is well engineered, looks like a piece of sculpture and sounds very fine indeed. Meanwhile, Timestep’s new titanium tonearm is the icing on the cake, sounding especially sweet with low compliance moving-coil pick-ups."   
Adam Smith

Please read the complete review here