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Our turntables have been reviewed by
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited our stand hosted by the Talk Electronics and BT hifi vertrieb at the Munich High End show.
We hope you enjoyed!
We would like to invite you to visit us at the Munich High End show.

You will find us at the BT hifi Vertrieb, Halle 3 Stand M14 with Talk Electronics.
We are very pleased to announce launch of the new products for 2019.

U-base - an aluminum made universal equipment platform, intended to be used with the source components such as turntables, CD/DVD players, DACs, etc., to enhance their performance
E-base - Acrylic platform, tailor made for our Elgar DCX turntable model, enhancing its performance and improving its appearance
tt clamp - record clamp for stabilizing the record on the platter and improve the performance
the Loop - MM/MC tube phono pre-amplifier
All the new products will be showed at the Munich High End show, May 9-12, at the BT hifi Vertrieb, Halle 3 Stand M14 with the Talk Electronics.
We are pleased to announce assignment of our new distributor for Lithuania, the fine Garso Harmonija company

Please visit their web-page www.garsoharmonija.lt
Dostoyevsky DCX was tested by Mr. Thomas Schmidt of LP Magazin along with new uni-pivot tone-arm by Edwards Audio and classic Van den Hul MC One cartridge and received highest remarks.

Please read the complete review here